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The fig belongs to the raspberry species, grows in hot summers in Palestine, Syria, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, but can be obtained in the rest of the year. The fig has a good smell, sweet taste, and great benefits in its dried and fresh form.

The nutritional value of dried figs

Figs are rich in many elements, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. They also contain a high content of sugars, as well as a compound of kumari, fat, disinfectants, and gelatin, a white medium containing organic acids. Dried figs:

Water 30.05 grams,
Energy 249 Calories,
Protein 3.30 grams,
Total fat 0.93 grams,
Carbohydrates 63.87 grams,
Fibers 9.8 grams,
Calcium 162 mg,
Iron 2.03 milligrams,
Magnesium 68 milligrams,
Phosphorus 67 mg,
Potassium 680 mg,
Sodium 10 mg,
Zinc 0.55 mg,
Vitamin C 1.2 mg,
Vitamin B 1 0.085 milligrams,
Vitamin B2 0.082 milligrams,
Vitamin B3 0.619 milligrams,
Vitamin B6 0.106 milligrams,
Folic acid is 9 micrograms,
Vitamin B12 0 μg,
Vitamin A 0 IU,
Vitamin D 0 IU,
Vitamin E is 0.35 micrograms,
Vitamin K 15.9 micrograms


Benefits of dried figs

Dried figs have several common benefits between them and fresh figs, and these benefits include:

  • Reduces cholesterol in the blood, because it contains a good percentage of fiber, including pectin, which is soluble fiber, which facilitates the passage of the body’s various organs, and helps to absorb the molecules of LDL and rid the body of them.
  • Relieves excess weight and enters into many weight loss systems because of its fiber content. However, eating dried figs in unlimited quantities increases weight, especially if taken with milk.
  • Enhances the functions of the digestive system, including the functions and movement of the intestine, making it a protective, protective food because of its high fiber content. The presence of fiber helps the colon to get rid of harmful substances and toxins that promote the development of cancer cells and cleanses the colon.
  • It protects against coronary heart disease because it contains polyphenols and unsaturated healthy fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Dried figs are rich in flavonoids; they are antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging the body and heart, Of toxins. In addition to the role of fig dried in the prevention of coronary heart disease, it protects against high blood pressure because it contains a high percentage of potassium compared to the proportion of the element of sodium few, as one of the causes of high blood pressure is the consumption of large amounts of sodium element compared to consumption Less potassium.
  • Dried figs are introduced in the treatment of diabetes because of its richness in potassium, which keeps blood sugar.
  • Strengthens bones because of its high calcium content, makes it denser, and the good amounts of vitamin K and the magnesium element present in dried figs support its function in maintaining the health of bones and teeth.
  • It reduces the symptoms of a sore throat and prevents it. Because of the presence of large amounts of gum in figs, it is recommended to eat figs for people with cold to heal and relieve pain; because of its content of natural gels and glands plant, which works to reduce sore throat, and help get rid of phlegm, The expansion of bronchial tubes, which is a respiratory problem faced by people, in addition to the treatment of many respiratory disorders, such as asthma and whooping cough.
  • It protects against breast cancer because of its high fiber content, especially when it affects women after menopause. The hormonal balance may break down when women enter menopause, which may adversely affect the functioning of the immune system because of the association of all body organs with each other and the effect On the other, affect the function of the immune system, which in turn affects the ability of antioxidants to fight the free radicals that develop cancer cells and stimulate their proliferation, so the fig is a protective shield against the formation of cancers, especially breast cancer.


Precautions should be taken when taking dried figs

When eating fresh figs or dried figs, attention must be paid to the amount consumed, because consuming high quantities is harmful to the body and health. These precautions include the following:

  • Consumption of large amounts of figs damage the liver, especially if the liver is weak, it may damage the spleen and functions, and the fruit of immature figs may harm the skin and eyes, so you should wash the figs well with water before eating.
  • Eating large amounts of figs may cause diarrhea due to high fiber content, and the number of large sugars present in the figs can cause cavities, and excessive sugar intake may lead to lower blood sugar levels and inability to control them, especially if the person is receptive On surgery, so it is advised not to eat figs frequently before entering any surgery.





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