Benefits of dates

Benefits of dates



Dates components

Dates contain many benefits, it contains protein, mineral materials, and fat, and dates are rich in minerals and dietary fiber, so that contains the vitamin B compound, such as:

  • Thiamine B1.
  • Riboflavin B2.
  • Pyridoxine B6.

It also contains 70% carbohydrate, mostly glucose and fructose, as well as containing proteins rich in amino acids, which are rich in acid but contain a small proportion of methionine and cysteine. The minerals contained in the fruit of dates are calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and copper Phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sulfur, fluorine, manganese and many others. Dates also contain many medicinal properties, especially when consumed and mixed with medicinal herbs, so that dates help prevent chronic diseases and preventative ability Diabetes, treating vascular diseases, heart disease, cancer prevention, and possesses antioxidant properties that help to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Dates Quality Attributes

Some of the characteristics that characterize the quality of dates, which must be available in the fruit of dates are as follows:

  • Color: mean color availability is available for dates to maturity.
  • Flavor: mean sugar level in dates.
  • Humidity: The average natural humidity in dates is about 26-30%.
  • Free of defects: such as cracks and damage on the surface of dates, in addition to the free dates of insects.


The benefits of dates

Dates contain countless benefits that are used in folk medicine to treat fever, inflammation, neurological disorders, loss of consciousness and dementia. It also contains antiperspirants to treat the effects of the liver. There are also many published ancient manuscripts describing the medical and therapeutic benefits of dates, Such as its therapeutic effect against infections and microbes. The fruit of dates is also used in many things, including Used to make beverages, alcohol, vinegar, and used in the authorities.

Relieve arthritis

Dates help to relieve arthritis and pain. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, high potassium, and magnesium, which are effective in maintaining bone health and strength, and reducing the risk of arthritis, so it is recommended to eat dates daily or massage the affected areas Arthritis with dates seed oil two or three times a day.


Promote the health of pregnant women

Dates contain many beneficial nutrients for pregnant women and their fetuses. It helps to alleviate the constipation problem experienced by some women during pregnancy. Dates also contribute to the strengthening of uterine muscles, which facilitates the process of delivery. According to research published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology In 2011 that eating dates in the stages of the last pregnancy, reduces the need to increase labor, and can be dates to promote the pregnancy healthy two ways:

  • Cook chopped dates with milk, and be mixed once or twice a day.
  • Eat six or eight grains of dates as a healthy snack daily.


Prevention of high blood sugar

One study published in the Nutrition Journal in 2011 found that eating dates does not raise blood sugar after ingestion, although it contains a high percentage of natural sugars but has a low glycemic index. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you enter the daily diet, to monitor blood sugar levels, and determine how the dates in the person with diabetes specifically.


Reduce cholesterol levels

Dates contain a high proportion of insoluble fiber, as one grain of dates contains 1.6 grams of fiber or 6% of the recommended daily amount of fiber, fiber plays an important role in reducing cholesterol, and prevention of obesity, heart disease, And colorectal cancer.


Prevention of anemia

Dates are a rich source of iron, so it strengthens iron in the body, making it useful for people with anemia problem.


Raise energy levels in the body

Dates contain natural sugars such as sucrose, glucose, and fructose, all of which help to boost energy in the body. Dates also contain a low-calorie content.



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