banana benefits

banana benefits


Facts about bananas

Banana is a plant grown in tropical weather. It has grown in more than 100 countries. Bananas are available in all seasons. It is easily chewed and digested. It also has a sweet taste, which makes it suitable for breakfast or even snack, It is worth noting that about 100 billion banana grains are consumed every year around the world. The average per capita consumption of bananas in the United States is about 12 kg per year, 90 tablets almost bananas, does not need to be fully mature It can be transferred in green color, and then its color is changed by the process of fermentation by the ethylene gas inside it. The starch is converted to sugars, which leads to maturity, and turns its skin from green to yellow gradually, but if it continues The process will turn brown.


banana benefits

You can eat bananas, whether fresh, or use it in the preparation of sweets such as preparing the cake, or drink it as juice, or when eating with sandwiches, Banana has many health benefits, including:

  • It contains an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, which is suitable for diabetics in the case of eating half a pill, so it can be taken as a snack safe and healthy.
  • Is a good source of fiber, which contributes to improve the functions of the intestine, and reduce inflammation, and it is worth mentioning that eating fiber increases the feeling of fullness for a long time.
  • Is a good source of potassium metal. It plays a major role in maintaining the health of the heart and bones with age, and helps the body to get rid of excess sodium in the body, which helps maintain the normal levels of blood pressure, and reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, as they contain prebiotics, which is useful food for bacteria in the intestines.
  • Contains a large amount of vitamin C, which contributes to the immune system, better wound healing, and protect the body from the defect caused by the formation of free radicals because of exposure to smoking, pesticides or any harmful substances.
  • Contains vitamin B6, which contributes to the enhancement of metabolism in the body, and it helps to develop the brain of the fetus within the mother’s womb.
  • Maintains the normal levels of blood sugar in the body, because it contains a type of fiber called Pectin and Resistant Starch, which together increase the feeling of fullness of the stomach, leading to a feeling of fullness for longer, In addition, bananas are characterized by having a low glycemic index, which means they do not raise blood sugar quickly when they are taken.
  • Contributes to the prevention of colon cancer, for its role in improving the functioning of the digestive system, it is characterized by a high percentage of fiber.
  • Helps to lose weight, because it contains relatively low calories, in addition to its high nutritional value.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants such as dopamine and catechins, which protect the body from many diseases.
  • One study found that women consuming bananas two or three times a week reduced their risk of kidney disease by 33 percent. Another study suggested that bananas consumption 4-6 times a week could reduce the risk of infection. Kidney disease by 50% compared to people who do not eat at all.
  • It can be said that muscle cramps occur because of the body’s drought and imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Therefore, bananas are a suitable diet for athletes, and it is recommended to eat at any time during exercise, or Before, or after.


The nutritional value of bananas

The nutritional value of every 100 grams of bananas contains the following:

Calories are 89 calories
Water is 74.91 grams
The protein is 1.09 grams
Fat 0.33 grams
Carbohydrates 22.84 grams
Fiber 2.6 g
Sugars 12.23 grams
Calcium 5 milligrams
Iron is 0.26 milligrams
Magnesium 27 milligrams
Phosphorus 22 milligrams
Potassium 358 milligrams
Vitamin C 8.7 mg
Vitamin B6 is 0.367 milligrams
Niacin is 0.665 milligrams


Cautions and risks of eating bananas

Despite the many benefits of bananas, its consumption may cause some problems, as it warns of consumption in some cases, including:

  • Increase the levels of potassium in the blood, when taken with drugs for heart diseases, such as beta blocker, so it is recommended to moderate the consumption of potassium from various sources, including bananas.
  • The appearance of the symptoms of the sensitivity of bananas; which cause some symptoms, including urination (Hives), swelling, itching.
  • Increased risk of migraines in some people.
  • Swelling, or gases when eating a large amount of fiber found in bananas and others.





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